What is Marketing Automation and why should you be doing it?

How’s your online game? Have you got it covered? Or is it one of those things you keep meaning to sort but just haven’t gotten round to in amongst booking appointments, visiting clients, managing the accounts, and actually doing the work?

Maybe you’re somewhere in between.

What’s undeniable is that when it comes to your online presence there’s an awful lot to keep on top of these days.

Customers want to be able to visit your website and find their way round, book an appointment, or get a quote. They want to message you via Facebook, or Twitter, or What’s app or Linkedin, or whatever other platform they prefer.

They want to talk to you in real-time and they expect to be able to find lots of reviews about your business online.

We’re exhausted just thinking about it!

The stats tell us that 93% of Brits will Google a business before buying goods and services and we also found that your chances of converting a lead drops by an astonishing 86% if a potential customer doesn’t receive some sort of response within five minutes. Five minutes!!! The pressure!!

Yet at any stage of that customer journey, your chances of winning the business hang by a thread.

Don’t have an online presence? – they go somewhere else

Don’t have an online chat or enquiry form? – they go somewhere else

No decent reviews online? – they go somewhere else

Don’t respond to a message promptly? – they go somewhere else

Get the picture?

But here’s the good news. You don’t have to sit glued to your phone or laptop 24/7 with 18 different pages open desperately trying to keep on top of messages, while phoning previous customers asking for them to give you a good review.

You can actually get right on top of all the above quickly and easily, with minimum impact on your time.

Just let artificial intelligence do all the heavy lifting for you.

How does marketing automation work?

Marketing automation is the use of software, systems and processes that you can put in place to automatically take care of a lot of those time-consuming tasks, that are nevertheless vital to the growth of your business.

There’s so much you can automate now that means you can have the hard work constantly going on in the background, from emailing your database, to appointment management, to managing and responding to all those conversations. Meaning you don’t need to be the frantic multi-tasker and you have more time for the important stuff. #restorethebalance #reformyourfocus #rewriteyourreality #rechargeyourpassion Read our blog about the other 4R’s here: and https://salesgun.io/the-other-4rs/ 

There is literally a software solution for all of it.

And if you use a one stop shop provider (like Salesgun, for example 😉) you can make sure every phase of the customer online journey is connected, so everything works harmoniously together to bring you those leads and secure the sales.

This could start with your website and customised funnels such as installing a lead capture form or chat widget. 

With conversation management you can have all your messages from whatever platform, all coming through to one dashboard. You can either have them sent through as a text to your phone for instant responding, or you can set up auto responses so your customers get some form of reply from you.

Calendar and appointment managers automate the process of booking appointments and sending reminders (because how annoying is it when someone doesn’t turn up!) and keep you fresh in your customers’ minds.

And it’s not just for winning the business either, marketing automation can help nurture your clients, through email and text marketing, with offers, birthday vouchers, refer a friend discounts, e-books and so on.

You can also automate the review process which triggers once someone has done business with you, asking them to leave a review, with a direct link to Google reviews.

For more on the different tools available check out this recent article on the best marketing automation tools to consider in 2022.

A sales pipeline for your business

Having marketing automation as part of your small business digital strategy also means that you’ll have a constant pipeline of leads and sales coming in. This is work that’s coming in with very little to no input from you – giving you time to focus on even more growth (or just relaxing from time to time because that’s something we don’t do very often when we run a business!)

A big part of our digital strategy for customers is also looking at insight, through lead attribution and reporting tools, which means we’re always evaluating what’s working and what isn’t. This means you always know you’re investing your resources where you’re going to get the biggest ROI.

If this has given you food for thought and you’re now wondering whether you can afford to invest in marketing automation tools, the real question is can you afford not to?

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