What is a Drip Campaign in an Estate Agency?

What is a drip campaign in an estate agency?

Most estate agencies are aware of the importance and effectiveness of drip-in campaigns. They are using this marketing tool to stay ahead of your current audience and your future leads is crucial to the growth of your business. Estate agency marketing, estate agency drip campaign and online marketing are very important for real estate agencies to stay on top of the real-world competition.

Since email users open their account (s) more than 10 times a day, it is foolish not to use this marketing strategy.

Drip campaigns allow you to schedule different content for your contacts and future leads over a period of time. In the real world of real estate, it is important to keep a close eye on your potential clients. And using drip campaigns is an easy and essential way to do it. In this blog post, we discuss all you have to know about drip campaigns.

What Is an Estate Agency Drip Campaign?

According to Wikipedia, Drip marketing is a communication technique that delivers, or “drips,” pre-written messages to clients or prospects over time. These communications are frequently delivered via email marketing, although other forms of media can also be utilized.
As you see, Drip campaigns are an automated email marketing strategy that helps agents strategically plan and deliver content to potential customers via email.

Their popularity among marketing professionals is due to their effectiveness in generating leads, building relationships and selling. Drip campaigns make it easier for you to connect with hundreds, even thousands of customers, connect with important content (news updates, deals, special offers, etc.) and earn more money by sending timely messages to your customers. Also, using automation tools, you can provide more personalised messages for your customers, to increase conversion rate.

So, if you are an agent or broker who is looking to launch a drip-in campaign, or are just thinking about email marketing, let’s jump straight to the topic.

An Introduction to Email Marketing

If you have ever sent an email to a customer, guess what? You’ve done email marketing. Every relationship with your customers via email is an opportunity to build a relationship and promote your brand. This is what email marketing is all about.

Some of the Benefits of Email Marketing:


Email marketing eliminates the cost and overhead of print campaigns. Running costs less than radio you can find automation software for companies of all sizes and budgets.

Reduce time

Create marketing emails that look great in less time than creating and running a print campaign. Easy to use and loaded with template designs, most automation software can be set up with little technical expertise.

Marketing Intelligence

Divide your customer database to gain valuable user insights. Follow the results of your email campaign in detail. See how many people opened your email, how many responded, and who and when. Use this data to improve your message and strategy.

Strategic Communications:

Plan your communications over time, and target specific parts of your database during peak hours for best conversion results. Advertise suggestions that are more relevant to the user.

What is a drip campaign in an estate agency?

Drip Campaigns: The Power of Automation

Automated email campaigns, also known as lifecycle emails, behavioural emails or autoresponders, allow you to communicate strategically with your subscribers in a timely manner. You can schedule your email delivery to target peak hours, specific market segments, time zones or any other key metric. That way, you only get to know your customers in the most appropriate way, with messages that are sent to them in a timely manner.

So why do real estate consultants use drip-in campaigns?

Simply, Higher Open Rates, More Clicks and Responses

On average, email users receive more than 120 emails per day. This is a lot of information that needs to be digested daily for someone.

So how do you stand out? Personalizing your drip-in campaigns and adapting them to the needs of your recipients should be your main focus. Especially in the case of popular emails, because the response rate is significantly higher. Creating useful content in your campaign is important in influencing them to open and reply to your email. As a result, 80% of drip-in campaigns have a higher open rate than sent emails, and the click-through rate is 3 times higher.

Increased Sales

Using this marketing automation tool for your business will inevitably generate more revenue in the long run. Companies that run successful drip-in campaigns generate 80% more sales at one-third the cost. Communicating consistently with your leads can be difficult, which is why using drip campaigns is so important and effective. They save you time and put more money in your pocket. Drip campaigns can generate 50% more ready-to-sell leads through the ongoing communication they provide.

Lower Bounce Rates

With the number of emails sent and received each day, it is no secret that a large number of them are returned. Return emails point to email addresses in your subscriber/contacts list that did not receive your message. With drip campaigns, you do not have to worry about that. For the real estate industry, the jump rate is less than 1%. With such a low bounce rate, you know your content is reaching for your leads. A useful tip for keeping your bounce rate low is to clear your email list 1 to 2 times a year.

As you can see, using drip campaigns is very effective in many ways. Using this marketing technique will help you and your business grow faster than you thought.

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