What are the Best Tools to Implement Marketing Automation for Estate Agencies?

What are the Best Tools to Implement Marketing Automation for Estate Agencies?

Estate consultants have to do several complex and often simultaneous tasks. They need to manage a variety of estate marketing tactics such as social media and generating leads. They also take care of contracts, complex negotiations and more. One way to make your estate business more efficient is to implement automation. When estate consultants automate many of these tasks, they ensure that the work is done accurately. Automation also allows agents to focus on other aspects of the job – especially absorbing and nurturing new leads to become a customer. Overall marketing automation for estate agencies is important.

Here is a list of tools to help automate the estate process for agents, including lead generation, referrals, customer relationship management (CRM), customer tracking, email marketing, open house planning, and content management.

What is Marketing Automation for Estate Agencies?

Simply put, automation is your way of reducing manual labour and allowing your tools to do more for you. This can be through email workflows, notifications and automated tasks for your team, or useful integrations between your estate apps.

estate automation improves your business operations and marketing from good to great and reduces workload. This does not mean firing all your employees to let the machines do their work – it does mean that their work (and yours) becomes significantly easier and more efficient.

What are the estate agency marketing automation tools?

Some Tools for Implementing Marketing Automation for Estate Agencies


As one of the best choices in marketing automation software, Mailchimp helps you to create and automate email campaigns.

Choose from available email templates to create newsletters, open event emails, drop-down campaigns, or other marketing pledges you can send to your potential customers and clients. Schedule distribution and get key analytics to help you refine your digital marketing efforts. Can be seen here estate agency marketing workflow.


Jotform offers many ways to use automation in your estate business. Multiple estate templates (such as sign-ups for estate events such as open houses) help you gather clue data, inspection information, and more. You can then view, analyze, and share the data you collect from these forms in the Jotform table.

Spacio helps automate the process of attracting new leads in open homes. This means you can stop using time-consuming manual processes to collect contact information and update your clue management system.


This open-source clue generation software also enables you to send auto-tracking emails. Other features include custom registration forms for face-to-face and virtual open house events.

Choose from three rows of packages with different features for agents, teams, and agencies.


Dotloop is a comprehensive estate industry platform with several automated features. This includes tools for electronic signatures, forms, sharing, tracking and storing text and other features. The end-to-end customer experience is bound to receive more referrals as customers share their outstanding experiences with other potential customers.


Autopilot offers several estate marketing automation tools including customer behaviour tracking, CRM integration, data-driven marketing, customer journey maps and analytics.

It also offers features for automated email marketing, lead management and multi-channel marketing. Marketing automation tools help you visualize the results of your digital marketing efforts.


MeetEdgar focuses on automating your social media efforts. Instead of getting involved in the time-consuming process of creating and posting across multiple social media channels, you can let MeetEdgar automate your content for multiple social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. This software can even write content for you.

Agent Legend

Agent Legend automates text communication with personalized tracking and saves time by writing and responding to clients and potential clients. You can also automate voicemails and emails to boost your leads.

Open Home Pro

Open Home Pro not only helps you automate the open house process but also determines which clues are worth following and sends you a list of the most promising ones.

Automation software also integrates with email and social media to share your face-to-face and virtual home events with more audiences through a one-click process.


Zurple is built for things like drop campaigns, but it also helps optimize efforts to track and understand the behaviour of your clues.

This software provides automated tools for generating leads and checking emails that you can integrate into your website to evaluate the type of content related to each visitor based on each visitor’s search history. This feature helps you quickly identify the best clues to follow.


ReboGateway helps you grow your estate business by managing the many underlying processes involved in transactions that are otherwise time-consuming and difficult to scale. As an efficient and organized transaction coordination platform, it can help ensure error-free trading.

Start with Marketing Automation for Estate Agency

Whether you choose a tool that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) or facilitates teamwork, you will get a significant return on investment with automation. The best automation services in the estate do not take the agent out of the process. Instead, these automation solutions help them work directly with customers and build their business.

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