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You can send bulk SMS and emails using Salesgun, which means as part of our GDPR compliancy, we need to verify who you are.

Your VIP Code will be sent to your phone. (use this code at the checkout to claim your 30-day free pass)

What is Included?
  • Lead Domination System
  • Online Reviews Boost Campaign (limited to 100 invitations)
  • Referral and Resell campaigns (limited to 100 invitations)
  • Lead Nurturing System
  • Email/SMS Marketing

Best on the Market

"Salesgun have been so professional throughout my experience. I am not so tech savvy but they take care of everything so it’s a stress-free process. They have transformed and upgraded my business to a whole new level. The convenience that the platform has offered is outstanding.."

Jolly Elephants


Everything I wanted

"Services that make you more money with less work! who doesn't want that."

Car Charging Company


Worth Every Penny

"This is such an easy quick win that is so good for business. Since working with Salesgun we have also started appearing on page one of the Google search engine results for the searches we want to rank for, whereas previously we were always on page 2, so this is amazing for us."

- Dominic
Able Electricians


Hey, still not sure?

Answering Your Questions

We have made this offer as a complete risk-free to give a kick start to local businesses to harness the proven marketing systems and grow their business.

Is there really hidden costs?

No. You do not pay anything during your trial period.

Is it really free until i get an ROI?

Yes. We believe marketing is an investment and not a cost. If our services don’t get you an ROI you don’t pay.

Do I get my setup fee back if I am not satisfied with the results?

Yes. If for whatever reason you aren’t happy with the results, we fully refund you, no-questions asked.

How do I receive my leads?

We send you notifications on our app and via text message when you have a new lead.

I don't have time to check my account consistently, would i still get leads?

 We notify you when there is a change in your pipeline via app notification and text message. In fact, we bring all your social media messaging to text conversations as well so you don’t miss any possible opportunity.

How can I contact you?

We are always available through the chat widget on the left-hand-side bottom corner whenever you need us. You can always call our office and email us and we usually respond within 2 hours

What happens after my VIP Pass ends?

We will get in touch to send you a report of how your account performed. You will have the option to subscribe and continue with your services, or cancel your account. No strings attached.

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