SMS Marketing Examples for Restaurants

SMS marketing examples for restaurants:

SMS marketing for restaurants is a less used channel. This is very unfortunate because the restaurant’s text messages have the potential to explode and have unbelievable results.

However, SMS marketing has proven to be a strong competitor in other industries.

However, we see the incredible potential of SMS marketing for restaurants and we want to share it. Therefore, in this article, we will look at all the benefits, strategies and templates needed to create powerful SMS campaigns.

SMS marketing benefits for restaurants

SMS marketing for restaurants is no different from most other industries. In this way, most of the benefits apply. In general, SMS is a channel that is widely read, opened and answered or clicked. It is also very attractive.

For example, customers respond 4.5 times more than one email to a text message. It even halves the response rate of even popular social media platforms and messengers.

In addition, text messages are among the messages read on all channels. They have an open rate of about 98% after 20 minutes. For example, more than 80% of millennials open SMS messages in the first 90 seconds.

Finally, SMS marketing is uniquely suited for restaurants because it is highly responsive. Sending promotional offers or other messages via email is very slow. However, only a handful of people expect to be contacted by a restaurant, primarily via email. Therefore, SMS marketing is the best option.

SMS marketing examples for restaurants:

The best SMS marketing methods for restaurants

1. Send only the important message of the restaurant

The restaurant industry does not have much communication outside the venue. So let’s save it by not overusing SMS marketing. Instead, just send messages that you think customers will enjoy.

An easy way to gauge the value of texting a customer is to think about whether it offers unique value. If there is no value that the customer receives, forget it.

2. Keep restaurant SMS messages short

SMS messages are known for being direct and real. SMS marketing for restaurants is no different. Do not write an overly extensive copy just to provide a discount code.

While newer phone models can add multiple text messages to a single text message, it is recommended that you stay within the 160-character range.

If the message is higher than this, it is divided into two parts, both of which are sent over the network and combined on the recipient’s phone. Unfortunately, this perspective often causes us to become overwhelmed when it’s time to start a project.

Gather Opt-in contacts and offer Opt-out options

This one is not the best exercise because it is a necessity. Data protection and other rules make it necessary to obtain user consent before interacting with them. SMS marketing is no different.

In addition, you should always give users a chance to cancel at least once. Not only is not doing this kindly, but it can also technically put you in trouble!

4. Personalize text messages

You can not go wrong with personalization. Works on every marketing channel we know of. Since you have to choose your satisfaction in advance, you will have information on which to base your marketing.

However, SMS are short and there is nothing you can do to personalize them. However, a great way to personalize is to add a custom name to the message. It does not take up a lot of characters, but it does make the message look more personal.

Examples of SMS marketing for restaurants

You do not need to reinvent the bicycle when it comes to SMS marketing for restaurants. Some very successful people have been involved with texting for some time.

They have produced some sample text messages, marketing strategies for restaurants and much more. So be inspired by these patterns and use them as the foundation of your strategy.

SMS advertising campaign for restaurants: SMS marketing services

Campaigns are rare when you may send several different messages. However, in SMS marketing, we do not recommend overdoing it, because in most cases, one promotional message will be too much.

You can use these templates for free:

[Brand name]: [Customer name], Only today! [X] is [%] off at all of our restaurants. Reply STOP to cancel.

[Brand name]: It’s a special day, [Name]. Get [%] off your entire order! Online orders only. [URL]. Text STOP to cancel.

[Brand name]: FREE! Get one [X] for free when purchasing [Y]. Offer available until [date]. Reply STOP to cancel.

[Brand name]: Thinking of spending a great time at home, [name]? It’s [%] off for takeaway today! Reply STOP to cancel.

[Brand name]: Time to spend an awesome weekend with the family. Buy a family-sized  and get a free kids’ meal! Reply STOP to cancel.

[Brand name]: Bring something fun home! All meals are [%] until [date] if ordered for takeaway. Text STOP to cancel.

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