How to Manage Restaurant Marketing Automatically?

How to manage restaurant marketing automatically?

With the advent of new restaurants every day, the hospitality industry is becoming one of the most competitive industries to operate. In equestrian competitions like this, one thing is constantly helping a restaurant stand out – targeted and personalized marketing.

Most restaurants avoid targeted marketing campaigns and instead focus on public, non-personal, non-segmented messages – because of the time and effort involved. However, this style of content usually leads to very little effectiveness, if any, in getting your customers’ attention and then turning them into loyal eateries.

On the other hand, personal and targeted messages are the key to taking your marketing strategy to the next level. Sharing highly targeted and relevant content with your restaurants is something that will make them come back more, but it is often a time-consuming and tedious task for restaurant managers. This is where restaurant automation comes in.

What is restaurant automation?

Restaurant automation is a simple and easy way to automate your restaurant’s daily routine. Systems that offer restaurant automation solutions, such as some software, allow restaurant managers to set a set of personalized automation rules that allow selective tasks to be performed in the background without the restaurant having to lift a finger.

Here are some ways in which automation can help optimize your restaurant performance:

Automatically update booking status when guests arrive late or never arrive

Receive prepayments from guests who reserve a table and then never show up

Tag guests according to the rules you make – for example, once a guest has 10 visitors to tag them as a regular customer.

Send marketing emails to guests on their birthday/anniversary or any other reason

While automation helps optimize the overall performance of your restaurant, one of its most important functions is to automate the restaurant’s marketing flow, allowing you to use your existing guest data and launch highly targeted and personalized messaging campaigns without any effort or creating additional hassle.

How to manage restaurant marketing automatically?

How to supercharge your marketing with restaurant automation

Identify your high-value customers

The first step to providing a personalized and unique marketing experience is to understand your customers and identify the ones that are most valuable to your restaurants, such as high spenders or loyal customers, in order to share targeted messaging and rewards to keep them coming back for more. Automation makes this easy by auto-tagging guests based on various criteria like the number of visits, spending amount, etc. determined by your personalized set of automation rules.

A few ways you can set up automation rules to identify your meaningful customers are:

If a guest reaches 10 visits, then they should be tagged as regular, If a guest reaches 100 visits, then they should be tagged as a VIP, If a guest spends more than $ 1000, then they should be tagged as, High Spender, If a guest leaves more than 10 reviews, then they should be tagged as ‘Critic’

This automated tagging system helps you segment your customer base and target each segment with a personalized marketing approach.

Take personalization to the next level

Marketing automation allows you to use your guest data storage and provide a unique personal experience for each customer by sending tailored messages based on guest details and guest historical behaviour.

This personal touch helps customers feel like they are an important part of the brand and leads to a satisfied and loyal customers.

Some ways to set automation rules to improve personalization are:

If today is the guest’s birthday, send him a congratulatory message.

If the party is tagged as VIP, send a special early bird discount for Valentine’s Day.

If a guest leaves 10 comments, they should be tagged as “Critics” and the message “Thank you for reviewing us” should be sent.

Constantly interact with customers

One of the key factors in building a strong customer relationship that is often overlooked by restaurants is simply connecting with your restaurants. Restaurants focus solely on messaging to keep guests up to date on special events or discounts, however, a typical text message/email “just because” can help your customers feel more special and build a stronger relationship with your brand. . A timely message can even help bring back lost meals.

Manually launching such messages can cost your employees hours of precious time, however, automating messaging campaigns allows you to constantly reach your customers through different contact points to get them to your restaurant. Keep.

More accurate data, better marketing decisions

By eliminating the need to enter data manually, automation allows restaurants to access highly accurate data sets with the standard process and low error margins.’

This enables restaurant managers to make strategic marketing decisions based on accurate predictions derived from accurate historical data, rather than based on incomplete and ambiguous information.

As a result, managers can optimize their marketing campaigns based on real-time data and create more successful campaigns with improved returns on investment.

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