How to choose a Marketing Agency

Using sales automation solutions alongside the right marketing agency will help businesses deliver more in online marketing

In today’s business world, when online trends shift at the speed of light, hiring a team in the house for strategy and execution of your online marketing across all platforms that matter to you can cost a fortune, with no guarantee of success. Partnering with a digital agency that understands your business and is specialised in your niche can be the best alternative to push your campaigns and help you grow your business. Using sales automation solutions helps you deliver more ROI than your current rates.

But, at these times when every cousin claims to be an online marketing guru, it is very easy to fall into pit holes and waste thousands before you find the right one for your business. In fact, bad marketing can put you off and even when you find the right agency, you might not be willing to work with them because of the bad experiences you had. After working with hundreds of clients and having insights into their struggles, here are a few important points to consider before moving to the next steps with an agency.

# 1. If they are a registered business.

Might sound very straightforward, but it is not. The market is full of people who are learning at your expense to become marketers. If they aren’t a business, the chances are they won’t be able to deliver.

# 2. Are they specialised?

Agencies that specialise in one industry, understand the target audience and their historical data, can save you money and they can set your campaigns up and running sooner which will end up in getting results faster. 

On the other hand, the agencies that have experience across many verticals, have the advantage of drawing from a larger pool of the best practices where more ideas have been tested.

It is important to know your budget and have a clear business goal before you choose your agency.

# 3. It is all trackable

The reality is, that an agency that understands your business, should be able to deliver 3 x ROI as an absolute minimum. These results won’t happen overnight and you should be prepared to commit at least 6 months to your agency until you see results. Check with your agency regularly to give you an insight into your campaigns on weekly basis. Your agency should give you access to all your business accounts such as Google, Twitter, Facebook etc, so that you can see how your investment performs.

# 4. Do they use a sales automation platform?

Sales automation platforms are an essential part of any digital marketing campaign. Not many so-called digital marketing agencies provide sales automation solutions. That’s why it’s important to find an agency which delivers to you all the tools you need to run your campaigns. An example of a marketing automation solution you can use Hubspot.

The right questions to ask your agency:

Once you shortlisted your agency, ask them to demonstrate one of their current marketing campaign’s strategies to generate paid and organic leads, appointments and sales and see how parallel their practices are to your needs. This alone is a massive indicator of whether they can put your money where their mouth is.

Also, be prepared to give them more details about your business such as the Life-Time Value (LTV) of a client to you etc. If they don’t ask you for details about your business, there is a red flag there. 

If you have a call centre and/or work with a pay per lead agency, the result should come fast and with no time or investment commitment on your behalf. Make sure they can demonstrate how they can get their hands on good quality leads, and how they can ensure not to double sell the leads.

 The bottom line is, that you want to deal with one agency for strategy and execution across all of the platforms that matter to your business, with experience in your industry and indications of them getting you 3 x ROI at an absolute minimum. Surveys showed that using sales automation solutions also can deliver doubled ROI at the same time. Be prepared to be patient and remember marketing is an investment – not a cost. sales automation solutions give you a 14-days free trial in which you can access lots of automation templates and make your website a lead generation machine.

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