How do Estate Agencies Generate Leads Using Chat Widgets?

How do Estate Agencies Generate Leads Using Chat Widgets?

This is the question that has been the catalyst for thousands of solutions and strategies for generating leads. It is also one of the main business concerns that our customers try to address with Salesgun. Chat widgets and their effectiveness in lead generation were always a question for business owners.

And for good reason: not only is website chat a great customer service channel with its usefulness and clarity, but it can take your next generation to the next level.

Today I will explain the reason for this as well as special features of a web chat that are specifically related to the production of leads.

Why Chat Widgets are So Powerful for Generating Leads

Website chat lets you naturally generate clues from chat conversations. This is a low-investment way for your site visitors to ask questions, and get answers, and you give them all the help they need.

It is also consistent with modern consumer behaviour.

They want quick answers to their questions, but they do not want to go through too many steps (or wait in line) to get them. And most of these little questions are unanswered preventing website visitors from becoming clues. Web chat is fast, accurate, and versatile – almost unlike many other channels.

There are other reasons why web chat is great for generating leads.

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Guide your customers through the whole experience of your website.

Live chat implemented chat widget is the only channel that is real-time. This makes it great for nurturing your website leads at every stage of the buyer’s journey. From welcoming a new visitor to answering last-minute questions before buying, there is a web chat to guide and help people on your website.

How do estate agencies generate leads using chat widgets?

Save more money than other channels.

A live chat session is up to 50% cheaper than a phone call and is usually much faster. In addition, a chat agent can have multiple conversations at the same time. This makes web chat a cheap and efficient way to generate leads.

Give people what they want.

Your customers love chat widgets, simple and straightforward. In fact, this channel has a customer satisfaction rate of over 90% and is increasing. This is not surprising – fast, free and easier than waiting in line.

There is no denying: When it comes to generating new leads for your business, website chat is undeniably powerful. It is also convenient, cheap and exactly what your website visitors are already asking for.

But it does not end there. There are also special features that add more sales power to your chat support.

A registration form is great when is shown to anonymous visitors before the conversation begins. This form makes it easier to follow these clues later if they qualify for your product. You already have their contact information and can send it directly to your sales team.

This is what we do at Salesgun. The first time someone wants to chat with our support team, an active registration form is displayed. Since it only takes a few seconds to fill out this form, it does not cause any inconvenience to any clues who want to chat with us.

This information we collect is essential for further follow-up. Lead cultivation is much easier and filtering low-quality contacts is both quick and easy.

Customer Contact Area

These are the companies that understand their customers best and will be most successful. Understand how to communicate. Communication is how to create compassion. And compassion is how you get the business of the people who love your company.

One of the fastest ways to get there is to set up clue information profiles. This makes important information about your leads easily accessible and ensures that the conversation you have with them is useful and relevant.

Router Widget: Estate Agency Lead Generation

Your site visitors are diverse and inevitably want different things from you. Some will browse your store, while others will be more interested in reading your content. Some may be on the desktop, while others are browsing your site with their smartphone.

To maximize your chances of generating leads, the approach you use to chat with different site visitors can (and should) be different. This ensures that you interact with each person the way they want and provide customer support.

Chatbot Funnels

A chatbot funnel is basically a predefined conversation through a chatbot that depends on the site visitor’s responses to the bot.

User-friendly Chat Widgets

For example, suppose you are chatting with an estate agent on the home page of an estate agency and you are looking for a new home in your neighbourhood. The chatbot funnel is a combination of paths you may take when tracking this information. This chatbot funnel can provide you with the information you are often asked to answer and match the questions it asks with your answers before you contact an agent.

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