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Think CRM software is just about contact management? Think again. Salesgun CRM has many tools for everyone on your team, that will affect your business revenue in 3 days. Here’s how our CRM solution makes your job easier.

Salesgun CRM for Sales Managers

With the easy-to-use Salesgun CRM, you’ll never have to manually update reports or wonder how your team is tracking toward quota. Because you have more important things to do.

Track and analyze sales activity in real-time.

Get a real-time view of your entire sales pipeline on a visual dashboard.

Access detailed reports on sales activity, productivity, and individual performance. Then use those insights to track team performance and spot opportunities for growth. 

Enjoy unlimited users, data, and up to 1,000,000 contacts with no time limit or expiration date — whether you’re a team of 1 or 1,000.

Features You'll Love

Looking for enterprise CRM features?

Salesgun’s CRM platform also offers enterprise software for marketing, sales, customer service, content management, and operations. Get premium versions of all the free features you see here — and much more!

Arm your sales team with time-saving tools they’ll actually use.

Close more deals with less work using tools that remove friction from the sales process. 

Your sales team can use free CRM tools that notify them when a prospect opens an email or visits your website. Then they can use that information to follow up at the right time via live chat, email, or call.

Features You'll Love

I love how simple, yet very efficient Salesgun CRM is. The ability to customize properties has been a huge benefit to both my sales team and our reporting.

Jean Moncrieff - Corporate Sales Manager | FoodJets

Salesgun CRM for Salespeople

Say “so long” to messy spreadsheets and time wasted on menial tasks. Salesgun CRM features a full suite of sales productivity tools so you can sell more, but work less.

Stop letting leads slip through the cracks with an easy-to-use sales CRM.

Your “trusty” spreadsheet is far from it. Leave the organization to us, but keep full control over your sales process.

HubSpot CRM takes minutes to learn (not months). New contacts to your database are automatically enriched with data from over 20 million businesses.

Organize and sort deals in your sales pipeline. Then create tasks to remind yourself of important deadlines, and save time by sending emails and making calls directly from the CRM.

Features You'll Love

Looking for enterprise CRM features?

Salesgun’s CRM platform also offers enterprise software for marketing, sales, customer service, content management, and operations. Get premium versions of all the free features you see here — and much more!

Get notified the second a lead opens your email — and follow up flawlessly.

Spend less time logging notes and more time building relationships with HubSpot’s free Gmail and Outlook integrations. 

Get alerts when a prospect opens your email. Follow up using personalized email templates or call them from the CRM.

Give prospects the option to connect when it’s convenient. Send them a scheduling link that syncs with your calendar, cutting out the time-consuming back and forth of meeting scheduling.

Features You'll Love

Connect with leads while you’re on-the-go with Salesgun’s free CRM app for mobile.

Take Salesgun with you wherever you are, and get the competitive edge you need to win more deals.

Access contacts and contact leads on the fly with Salesgun’s free CRM app for mobile (available for both iOS and Android).

Scan business cards, get detailed caller ID information, and stay on top of your conversations with integrated live chat. Then create tasks, notes, reminders, and deals with ease, so you never drop the ball.

Features You'll Love

It would take me hundreds more hours to track, organize, and close sales without Salesgun CRM.

Charles DuBeau - Sales Specialist | MyLEDLightingGuide

CRM for Business Owners

You have a lot on your plate. Make things easier on yourself by tracking your contacts and customers, automating administrative tasks, and sending bulk email — all using the same tool. It’s easy to use, and completely free.

Manage and organize your contacts in one powerful yet simple CRM database.

Piles of business cards? Messy spreadsheets? Unorganized LinkedIn connections? Stop managing your relationships in silos.

Salesgun’s easy-to-use CRM takes minutes to learn and allows you to track every detail of your business relationships — all in one place. Project manage your entire sales pipeline and organize and respond to all your customer support issues, all with the same tool.

Check your contacts’ website activity, and identify new prospects visiting your site.

Features You'll Love

Email your contacts in bulk, and capture new leads in your sleep.

Create personalized emails in bulk to nurture your relationships with contacts and customers. It’s easy when you use the same tool for email and contact management.

Manage your online ads for free. Add landing pages and forms to your website to convert visitors into qualified business leads — no coding required.

Use built-in reporting to track the number of new contacts captured and get a view of all the activities that make up customer relationships.

Features You'll Love

Scale your business with a CRM platform that grows with you.

Whether you’re a one-person business looking for a personal CRM or an established company with hundreds of accounts, Salesgun CRM can help.

Store up to one million contacts and companies, and invite your entire team to collaborate in one place.

Best of all, our CRM software has the tools and features to grow with your business — with premium plans available when you need them.

Features You'll Love

As a customer looking after multiple accounts, Salesgun makes my job much easier. The ability to manage everything in a single place has a huge impact on our productivity.

Jean Moncrieff - Owner | Emerge Studios

All-in-One CRM Software for Your Whole Business

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