Case study – Generating Leads and Increasing Brand Reputation

A Midlands-based electrical business saw immediate brand reputation results after taking advantage of the lead generation service.

The Business:

Able Electrical

The Car Charging Company

The Challenge:

To generate more leads and further increase brand reputation online

The Solution:

Website chat widgets and automated reviews


  • Immediate increase in leads coming directly to the business via the chat widget
  • More than doubled the number of Google reviews from 23 to 57 in just one month
  • Improved search engine results to page one of Google

Able Electrical started using the Salesgun lead generation and reputation management features to help promote both its electrician and car charging installation services.

This included adding a chat window to its websites – enabling potential customers to ask questions, seek advice or request quotes immediately – and automated reviews.

Generating reviews should form an integral and invaluable part of any business’s digital marketing strategy as it helps to build trust with potential customers, as well as improving online reputation.

Dominic Longley, Director at Able Electrical and the Car Charging Company, said:

“We have found the Salesgun lead generation feature to be really good. As part of this we have set up a chat widget on the websites. This pops up automatically when anyone visits our sites and people can now click on that and ask us a question.

“We’ve got it set up to come straight through to my phone so I can immediately see what enquiries have come in and respond to them. This real-time communication really sets us apart from the competition and increases the likelihood that people move further down our sales process, as they can see when someone is available and get answers to their questions immediately, rather than having to remember to contact us at another time.

“This simple but incredibly effective action has resulted in actual leads and sales; we get people contacting us on a daily basis through the chat widget.

“Salesgun have also automated the reviews process for us so that every time an invoice is sent, people are asked to leave us a review, via a direct link to the review page, where all they have to do is select a star rating.

“It goes straight onto Google Reviews and, as a result, we’ve more than doubled our reviews in the space of a month. We had 23 reviews, which probably took us a year to get as we weren’t proactive enough about asking for them, but gained another 34 in just the first month since this has been run by Salesgun.

“Previously we would either forget to ask people to leave a review, or they would forget to do it. Now the request is automated and it’s easier than ever for people to give their feedback, without us even having to think about it.

“This is such an easy quick win that is so good for business. Since working with Salesgun we have also started appearing on page one of the Google search engine results for the searches we want to rank for, whereas previously we were always on page 2, so this is amazing for us.

“We’ll be looking into adding more Salesgun services soon.”

Lead generation and reputation management are among the core Salesgun services that every business can implement straight away to harness the leads that are there for the taking. Activities such as database reactivation, reviews campaign and organic lead capture optimisation result in quick, easy wins.

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