Best Review Management System for Restaurants

Best review management system for restaurants

Restaurant management involves many processes that, if done properly, ensure the smooth flow of the company and even increase profits.

While it may be more difficult to make a profit with the COVID-19 epidemic, restaurateurs can still capitalize on suppressed demand for on-site dining as well as increased demand for off-site dining. And you do this using restaurant management software and save your time.

Here, we discuss some of the leading ones in this field so that you can find the one that is right for you.

The restaurant industry is one of the industries affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. A report detailing how Americans change their eating habits during an epidemic shows that 55 per cent of shoppers eat more at home since the onset of the epidemic. However, eating at home is not without its challenges, as consumers say their biggest problem is buying groceries and planning different meals.

Eating at home also does not mean that consumers do not want to go back to restaurants at all. In contrast, a report on the state of the restaurant industry shows that 67% of adults in the United States say they do not eat at fast-food restaurants and places whenever they want.

Source: National Restaurant Association, 2021

Restaurant management applications allow restaurateurs to monitor all their operations processes using a single solution. For first-time users, focusing on specific areas can be helpful in selecting restaurant management software providers. Ideally, key features should include functions such as invoicing, CRM, stocks and inventory, and reporting and analytics. Automating these tasks helps reduce the management burden, while also improving sales and enriching the customer experience. Using restaurant management software can equip you to reopen your business and ride the wave of recent restaurant trends.

Best Restaurant Management Software

Best review management system for restaurants

When I Work

When I Work is an employee scheduling and tracking software that helps organizations save on scheduling, improve communication, and support employee transparency in time tracking. It was on our list of leading restaurant management tools because it simplifies change management in the food service industry. This app is also easy to use and is available on both desktop and mobile devices so that teams can access it no matter where they are.

Using the When I Work intuitive interface, setting up your teamwork schedule takes just a few minutes. Scheduling features include one-click scheduling, workforce forecasting, shift scheduling alerts, and delivery reports. The platform also has a program execution feature that allows managers and team leaders to limit working hours to shifts and staff locations for better control over work schedules. As a result, it is easier to make sure everyone is where they need to be at the right time.

Using “When I Work” as a way to track your company’s time also gets rid of paper time cards and the cumbersome management of things like timesheets, employee attendance, and pay rates and differences. This platform is a scalable and integrated application that can accommodate teams of any size and company in a wide range of industries.

In addition to improving time tracking and attendance management, When I Work can also be an effective solution to simplify payroll and prevent unauthorized overtime.


7Shifts, like when I work, is an employee scheduling software.

However, this is not the biggest reason why we put it in our top 10 list. This software is specifically designed for use by restaurant managers because it can seamlessly improve staff attendance and shift planning.

As a result, your restaurant staff will be free of adjustments and conflicts based on that.

The best thing about 7shifts is that it simplifies the creation and modification of applications.

It has a native mobile app, so you can watch the clock anywhere, and administrators can approve on-the-go scheduling requests.

Other features include in-app messaging, push notifications and email notifications, and integration with payroll software.


TouchBistro is an application found in restaurants and almost any type of food service.

This platform is designed to automate almost any business process related to restaurant management. It can effectively manage orders, schedules, and employee scheduling. This application is accessible by iPad and facilitates tasks such as access reporting and analysis anytime, anywhere.

This system, which works on local networks, does not need to be online to do its job. This means that even if the Internet is down, there will never be a break.

This important feature is complemented by the ability to program to report and manage menus using the cloud, which allows managers to constantly monitor their business from anywhere.

TouchBistro comes with its own ordering kiosk that can benefit from fast food services by helping to reduce labour costs, as it speeds up the ordering process.

The app’s smart features help meet the needs of most restaurants, including table management, billing and menu updates. All this is done through the iPad’s system interface.

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