Best Marketing Automation Software for Restaurants

Running a restaurant is not an easy task and requires a lot of operational effort on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this quality of time running a restaurant forces many owners to neglect their marketing and ultimately leads to reduced revenue and profits. Marketing should never be in the back seat, and if you can not afford a complete automation tool, there are a number of tools on the market. Remember that open-source marketing automation software never means it’s free.

While none of this can replace a complete restaurant POS that offers a comprehensive automation solution, with a little effort a small restaurant owner can quickly use these tools to build a consistent customer. With increased revenue, you can always invest in a complete marketing solution.

Restaurants Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation software for small or even large businesses should effectively support your interactions with customers. There is so much to gain thanks to communication channels. SMS campaigns equate to an open rate of 98%. (Source) In email campaigns, this figure is close to 25%.

What is Marketing Automation Software?

Restaurant marketing automation is a feature of the Salesgun online marketing automation system that helps you organize your marketing with minimal time. The system automatically sends all messages to your customers based on the workflows designed specifically for restaurants.

All you have to do is set up the marketing automation conditions once and the Salesgun system will send campaigns every time these conditions are met.

Use Workflows

Salesgun marketing automation software enables you to automatically contact customers in predefined situations. When the client meets the following criteria, the system will send each message you set:

Those who did not order for a while.

Those who ordered a certain amount.

Those who left a review.

Those who subscribed newsletter.

Here are some free tools to get your restaurant marketing started quickly.

Best marketing automation software for restaurants :


Creating a list and collecting emails of current customers and potential guests is crucial to setting up a successful restaurant. MailChimp is a freemium tool, the free version of which allows you to send thousands of emails daily. The free version lets you automate email marketing, Instagram advertising campaigns, report, and understand industry trends. You can easily enter action calls in your email newsletters and ask your customers to subscribe to your content. These marketing activities can be automated with the help of MailChimp.


Having a content marketing strategy is important to ensure that people are aware of your restaurant. This includes writing blog posts and sharing them on social media, interacting with potential customers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and actively promoting your brand on the above social networks. All this takes a lot of time and automating your social posts can be a great strategy. Use HootSuite to automate your social media posts and generate useful reports that can help you build better campaigns. Using HootSuite is free, and although there is a paid version, the free version should be sufficient for small restaurants.

HubSpot CRM

A good CRM is very important for customer management and providing excellent customer service. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool helps you connect and nurture your customers, understand what your potential customers want and how to target their campaigns. The free version of HubSpot CRM is great for smaller businesses that can not invest in a full-fledged CRM. HubSpot CRM automatically records every activity and helps you simplify your sales pipeline. You can quickly engage your restaurant guests and customers and share coupons automatically.


it is an open-source marketing automation project currently used by more than 200,000 businesses. Mautic helps you automate email marketing, youth management, CRM, social media, as well as reporting and analytics. You can integrate Mautic with several other tools for added benefits. It also has plugins that can be purchased in the market. However, the free version should be enough for a small restaurant that has just started. Since this tool is optimized for mobile, you can run campaigns on the go directly from your smartphone.


it is a free-to-use tool that helps you create banners, social media posts and other promotional content. There are hundreds of thousands of templates and with a little creativity, you can design a lot of materials at no extra cost. If you want to create promotional content that needs more customization, there are some great templates. You can use Canva to create any post or newsletter, and then use MailChimp and HootSuite to automate publishing. This tool is especially useful if you are not able to hire full-time design specialists.


If you are looking for a more comprehensive solution for marketing automation, you can take a look at Leadsius.

it has a number of features such as marketing automation, analysis and reporting of leads, landing pages and web forms.

It even has a WordPress plugin that helps you collect data if you have a WordPress-based website. You can access all reports and tools from the marketing dashboard.

However, the free version has limitations and you may need to upgrade to the premium version as your needs increase.

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