Best Email Marketing Services for Restaurants

Best Email Marketing Services for restaurant

Email marketing for restaurants may seem complicated at first. Beyond how to send newsletters to your customers, you also want to be able to send coupons, advertise events, or even track customers who place orders online. So it is important who and how you use email marketing services for your restaurant.

Fortunately, using the right email marketing services, or EMS, will speed up email marketing and help you grow your business.

Not just every EMS, though. You need someone to help you target different types of restaurants with powerful segmentation tools, and give you the ability to create automated workflows to run your email marketing when your restaurant is busy.

Choosing the wrong EMS will not only waste your time but, will also be a hard-earned income. That’s why I’ve tested the largest EMS services on the market so you can work on what matters most.

Sit in a chair and sit there as I think about how these EMS providers can help turn new restaurants into regular customers and your regular customers into your brand’s biggest promoters.

Short on Time? These are the best Email Marketing Services for Restaurants in 2022


– Highly specific segmentation options to help you target old customers based on their food preferences, past coupons, and more with hundreds of automation templates to target new and regular customers alike, no matter what type of restaurant your restaurant offers.


– Hundreds of automation templates to target new and regular customers alike, no matter what type of restaurant your restaurant offers.


– Great eCommerce features and integrations, perfect for restaurants offering outbound options and other online services.


– Highly specific segmentation options to help you target customers based on their food preferences, past coupons, and more.

What we are looking for in the best email marketing services for restaurants

Restaurants have special needs when it comes to email marketing services. After searching through the dozens of Email Marketing Services providers, I limited my list to those that offer these vital features:

Sophisticated Automation:

 Multi-step automation workflows are a great way to interact with restaurants after their first visit and keep ordinary customers interested in exclusive newsletters and offers.

Highly specific segmentation:

 This feature helps you create email campaigns that target specific groups of customers, such as restaurants that have used coupons, people with special dietary needs, or even people who are only interested in specific events.

Best Email Marketing Services for restaurant

Modern Landing Page Builders:

Well-designed landing pages can help you register new contacts, and the best ones automatically split new contacts.

Email Personalization Options:

Using data you have already collected about your customers, you can create thoughtful emails and compelling suggestions to turn occasional customers into loyal diners.

Quality customer service:

If your emails do not work in the middle of a hurry, you want to know someone who can help you resolve issues quickly. The EMS providers I reviewed all offer 7/24 support channels or instant answers.

ACTIVECampaign – Automate your marketing with pre-built email chains

ACTIVE Campaign is one of the most used EMS providers. I like to refer to it as a “pick and play” EMS because it is very easy for beginners to understand. In fact, in our ACTIVECampaign review, it scored almost perfect because of its ease of use. The interface is software, the drag and drop editor is fun, and it provides (almost) all the features you need for your restaurant.

I say “almost” because right-to-left (RTL) language support, such as Arabic and Hebrew, is only available in the HTML editor. Focusing on those foods, or serving customers who speak those languages, can be a huge disadvantage. If this is a problem for you, check the benchmark – it supports the RTL language in its drag and drops editor.

My favourite feature is largely the creator of the sophisticated ActiveCampaign automation workflow. Automation is a great tool that automatically sends emails to contacts whenever contacts do things like sign up for your email list, or book or buy tickets for an event.

The ActiveCampaign drag-and-drop system makes it easy to create any workflow you need, whether it’s a request for restaurant feedback or a series of welcome emails for customers who have subscribed to your email list after using a Facebook coupon.

There are also over 500 automation templates that you can easily download and use. If you’re not sure what emails you need, this is great for inspiration, and it’s a great way to save time setting up email marketing.

Features: Restaurants’ Email Marketing Services

Over 500 Automation Patterns: When you need a series of greetings, VIP coupons or exclusive event invitations, you do not have to reinvent the wheel – just pick a template and customize it for your restaurant.

Show conditional content: Specify what content your audience sees based on characteristics such as dietary restrictions, whether they eat or go out, how many times they visit your restaurant and more.

List cleanup tool: Delete contacts who have not opened your emails for some time to prevent your lists from being blocked by people who have only registered to see offers when they visit your city.

Automatic segmentation: When contacts click on links in your email, ActiveCampaign can automatically apply tags to their information, add/remove them from segmented directories, or start an automated workflow.

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